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Christ at Home

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock.”

Revelation 3:20

Some of the most radical transformations take place when we open the front door of our home to Christ. It’s time to invite Him to live with us inside our family life.

When Christ spoke to the seven churches in Asia Minor, He used a vivid word picture while speaking to the church in the small town in Laodicea. He said, “I stand at the door and knock.” While this is intended to apply primarily to the local church, it also applies to everyone of our homes.

Christ is a gentleman. He does not break down the front door or barge in uninvited. He does, however, knock. He lets us know that He wants to join us in our daily family life, regardless of how messy it may be inside.

When we have guests to our home, we may normally want to do a thorough house cleaning prior to their arrival, but with Christ, that is not necessary. We don’t need to first pick up the toys, vacuum the floor, or dust the furniture. Christ just wants to come in. He wants to be welcomed. He will then make the changes He thinks are important.

Open your front door to Christ today.

Lord Jesus, I open the front door of my family life to You today. Come in. Feel right at home.

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Joel Howard
Joel Howard
Jun 22, 2021


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