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Terms of Use

ABBA is a ministry of the College of Prayer International, a 501(c)3 non-profit. Click here to better understand how the IRS views tax-deductible giving to Charitable organizations like College of Prayer International.

College of Prayer International provides charitable work in multiple nations around the world. We are required to consider all donations as non-refundable according to IRS laws governing charitable organizations. We also cannot return unused monies for projects or short-term trips. All such funds donated or raised will be absorbed into the organizations General Fund. However, unused funds will be held by College of Prayer International for individuals unable to attend a planned trip by the same person for a separate and later venue for up to six months, so long as the individual provides written intent to pursue the secondary opportunity within that time frame. The reason for not attending the trip scheduled bears weight. Therefore, we reserve the right to consider each case on an individual basis and determine if the reasons stated for not attending warrant the holding of raised funds or not. Otherwise, should we determine that the reason for cancellation is unacceptable, we may immediately put raised funds toward the General Fund or a similar project. All deposits are final, non-refundable and required without exception, and will be forfeit to the organization regardless of cancellation reasons given, but we also reserve the right to review this policy case by case. College of Prayer International will correct any contributions made in error by us, or any error regarding contributions that can be verified as placing us at fault. However, we are not required to return or refund any contribution made by a donor by mistake or in error.

As an equipping ministry, we also sell resources and provide training that further our mission and vision as well as provide spiritual development for our audience. If for any reason there is a problem with your order or you are not able to attend an event you have registered for, please contact us. Product returns are accepted and a full refund will be provided up to 15 days from the date of shipping.

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