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Fighting for Redemption - Part 12

“From that time Jesus began to preach and say, ‘Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.’”

Matthew 4:17

The most important part of our fight for redemption is truly repenting. We can never redeem something we continue to destroy. Repentance is an absolute requirement for those in the Kingdom of God. When I began to follow Christ it seemed like my whole life was in need of repentance. From my family relationships to the way I handled money.

What does repentance look like? For those of us that are divorced or have been unfaithful, it means being faithful and fighting to keep our current marriage healthy no matter what the cost. For us who were thieves or swindlers, it means not only to quit stealing, but going above and beyond to keep our dealings with others upright and honest. This may be the fight of your life due to our fallen nature, but God will not only honor it, He will fight right alongside you as long as you are repentant.

What areas are you still needing to truly repent in? Let's ask God to reveal them and give us the strength to fight to redeem them through the power of the Holy Spirit. Take heart in knowing that when we repent, we know the kingdom of heaven has arrived!

Father, we come to You today to ask You to shine Your light into our lives. Lord, reveal those things that we haven't quite repented of yet. Give us the strength to turn completely from them and walk in a way that is faithful to You. We want everything in our lives to be redeemed even if we have to fight for them. Join us now, Lord, with Your strength and wisdom. Amen!

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