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HOPE - Houses of Prayer Everywhere

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

God is preparing families around the world for a great revival and spiritual awakening.

Welcome to HOPE - Houses of Prayer Everywhere. HOPE is a ministry of the College of Prayer International dedicated to helping lead families to a life-giving, hope-filled relationship of intimacy with Christ through prayer. Our desire is to provide families with tools to build a house of prayer in their homes and ultimately anywhere God gives them influence. We provide video, audio, and print resources as well as live events (both online and onsite).

Just as Jesus said, "My house will be a house of prayer..." (Luke 11:46). Our vision is for every Christian home on earth to become an intentional house of prayer. That is, a consistent gathering of praying Christians who encounter the manifest presence of Christ. Anywhere. Anytime. Anyone. We all thrive when we consistently encounter Christ in meaningful prayer and worship.

God's people are re-awakening to the life-giving, hope-filled, Christ-encountering house of prayer. Just as Jesus woke His disciples up to the significance of the house of prayer during His earthly ministry, He is again waking up His disciples throughout the earth to build HOPE.

Join us as we make a declaration that our families will be marked with the necessity and urgency of building a Christ-encountering house of prayer, beginning in our own homes!

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