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Salvation in the House

"Today salvation has come to this house."

Luke 19:9

Don’t ever underestimate the power that is released when one person in the family receives salvation.

Zacchaeus is a remarkable case study of a life transformed. He demonstrated hunger for God when he climbed the Sycamore tree. He demonstrated hospitality when he hosted Christ in his home. He demonstrated heart-change when he voluntarily offered half his wealth to the poor and a payback of fourfold to any he had defrauded. In response, Christ made the awesome declaration, “Today salvation has come to this house.”

When salvation comes to one member of the family, salvation comes to the household. It doesn’t mean that everyone is instantly born again; it does, however, mean that everyone will feel the impact and that salvation is close to everyone.

Don’t ever underestimate the ripples that go out into the entire family when one person comes to Christ. God brings many in the family to Christ when He brings the first person to Christ.

If you have people in your family who are yet to be saved, declare this Scripture over yourself and over them, in Jesus’ Name.

Father God, I declare that today salvation has come to this house—to my house! I will see the salvation of Christ transform my life and my family, in Jesus’ Name.

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